Hunting Ground “Voden – Iri Hisar”

Hunting ground “Voden-Iri Hisar” is based in the Voden forest, where are situated: the administrative building, two superior hunting lodges and a large part of the hunting areas. Sofia is 380 km away and Varna is 160 km to southeast.

The hunting ground includes two relatively independent forest complexes with a total area of 16 719 ha. Our guests can experience the following type of hunts: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon, European bison, wild boar and predators like fox, jackal and wolf. The hunting territory has one of the strongest populations of red deer in the world. Six of the ten biggest trophies of this kind in Bulgaria were shot in these grounds.

“Voden – Iri Hisar” is a three-times world record holder with red deer trophies – 269,94 CIC pts (17.2 kg), 263,23 CIC pts (14.8 kg), 253,62 CIC pts (14.9 kg). Another national record held by “Voden-Iri Hisar” is for a mouflon trophy: 240,05 CIC pts, 109.50 cm. 7 of the best 10 mouflon trophies in Bulgaria were hunted here.

Individual wild boar hunting is often very successful and offers valuable high point trophies. In this category the hunting area has two trophies in the top ten for Bulgaria – 140,15 CIC pts (25.45 cm) and 137.95 CIC pts (28.20 cm).

This is the only place in Bulgaria where you can hunt European bison, however the population number is quite small and the licenses per hunting seasons are limited. “Voden – Iri Hisar” offers excellent conditions for the extremely emotional roe deer hunt. The trophies varies between 350-500 grams.

“Voden – Iri Hisar” has 4 hunting lodges available, each of them luxurious and spacious. The visitors can also enjoy the new installed sauna, steam bath and bar. The service is on a highets level.

For people interested in history there are: The Muslim shrine Demir baba Tekke, built in the XVI century – part of Sboryanovo Archaeological Reserve, Sveshtari Thracian Tomb – a UNESCO protected monument and other ancient remains. The guests can also enjoy horse and cart rides in summer and sledding in winter as well as the hunting.