This page answers to the most common frequently asked questions that we received at Bulgarian Hunting Tours Ltd for our Hunting in Bulgaria service. We hope you find all the information that you need.

In case you have any other questions, doubts or inquiries, do not hesitate to send us an email. We will answer in no time, and, most probably, add your question to this FAQ list for our next hunters.

Yes. Flights are not included in our prices.

Yes, you can bring your own gun, but it is crucial to arrange all details with us in advance. All EU citizens who have valid EU firearms pass (EFP) can enter Bulgaria with their own rifles and ammunition, without any additional requirements. If you do not possess such an EU firearms pass (EFP), an official firearms import permit must be obtained for entering Bulgaria with your personal hunting rifle and ammunition. The process takes 30 working days. You need to be able to provide all rifle and ammunition details as well as a valid hunting license from your home country.

Yes, your family (or other non-hunting guests) can join you on your hunting trips. We can arrange great side activities for them.

A visa for Bulgaria is not required for U.S. citizens and EU passport holders.

Yes, a valid hunting permit and a firearms permit are required for hunting in Bulgaria.

You should always bring a printed version of the papers describing the hunt, trophy fees, special arrangements etc. Furthermore you should bring your hunting permit, your firearms permit, your passport and flight tickets.

The necessary clothes and equipment depend entirely on the season you are visiting Bulgaria in. Ask us or do some online research about the weather to expect at the time you are here.

Yes, an interpreter will accompany you during your whole stay in Bulgaria.

We have hunting offers for a wide selection of species. Check under “Hunting offers” section for more information.

We will personally meet you at the airport and assist you with all customs procedures and formalities. Then together we will depart to the hunting area.

Yes, we can customize a trip to meet your personal preferences. Just ask.

Yes, it is possible to hunt more animals than originally agreed upon. The extra animals will be charges according to the trophy price list of the hunting ground.

Yes. If you shoot more animals than originally agreed you will be invoiced according to the trophy price list of the hunting ground.

In Bulgaria it is possible to book a trophy of a certain size +/- 15 %. If bagged trophies falls outside that range because of a guide’s fault, you will typically not be charged and can continue to hunt for the desired trophy.

Wounded animals are paid at 50% of the price of the trophy, booked by the hunter.

In most cases, it will be possible to prolong the hunt.

In most of our hunting areas it is possible to rent guns.

We only offer hunts in areas with strong game populations so in general there will always be animals to hunt. It is however important to underline that hunting is hunting and hunters will not always be successful in bagging the game they have hoped for.

It is possible to ad extra hunting days if the days are not already fully booked by other hunters.

No. If you for any reason decide to go home early there will be no refund for the hunting days you do not use.

After the hunt trophies are measured by a state commission. This usually happens in the hunting lodge and in the presence of the hunter, who then completes and signs the protocol for evaluation. Typically, trophies of red deer, fallow deer and roe deer are measured 24 hours after boiling and cleaning. The price for trophy of red deer and fallow deer is calculated based on the weight of antlers with skull, including the lower jaw. For roe deer, a 90-gram discount is deducted.

Export documents and veterinary certificates (including CITES permits, if necessary) for are usually prepared immediately after the evaluation of the trophy and, if possible, are issued prior to the hunter’s departure.

First of all be patient. Trophy shipment is generally a slow process often involving a lot of time consuming bureaucracy.

Is yout concern not among the listed questions? Let us know!