My best recommendations for Bulgarian Hunting Tours, everything during the trip was taken care of. Super hunting!

Noah Christensen, United States

Thank you! We were 4 men who went to Bulgaria with Bulgarian hunting tours and accommodation, hunting, terrain and trophy chances were top notch. Huge THANKS!!!

Benjamin Davidson, United States

Perfectly arranged tour. We were after a special trophy which fortunately did show up, and it was a super experience.
Jivko helped us a lot from start to end and is very pleasant to communicate with.

Valeri Ignatov, FINLAND

Have traveled with Bulgarian Hunting Tours several times and always experienced a great service. They have met all my expectations, both as a customer and as a guest at the hunting areas.

Norman Jacobson, NETHERLANDS

My hunt in Bulgaria was well organized, with fairly easy access to game and returned great results. Accommodation and food were also on point.

Aleksey Fedorov, RUSSIA

Well organized. Everything was just fine as agreed.

Julien Petit, FRANCE

We highly recommend Bulgarian hunting tours because everything was organized in every detail so we’ve never had any problems of any kind. Jivko was always welcoming when we needed help with the trip.

Jean-Paul Thelliez, FRANCE

Fantastic! Very good organization. Thank you!

Andreas Verner, NORWAY

Serious and trustworthy hunting agent. Have traveled many times with Bulgarian hunting tours and have always received good and serious service. They are probably not the cheapest, but the quality is top notch and there are not a lot of hidden fees.

Allan Thorsten, DENMARK

Always to be trusted. I have always been treated with attention and pleasant service both before and after my trips. I can only give my warmest recommendations for BHT.

Joel Erno, FINLAND

Gold medal stag from Bulgaria! Last season I booked a red stag hunting in Bulgaria with Bulgarian Hunting Tours, and I got my gold medal deer. We were 4 hunters who, despite really bad weather, saw plenty of wild game in a fantastic area. All of us returned with a pair of antlers. Highly recommend this company.

Matías Neizan, SPAIN

Great hunting experience and delicous cuisine. Have been there 3 times and there has never been anything to complain about. Can only be recommended.

Aurelio Juan, SPAIN

Super as always. Have now traveled with BHT for several years, have only had super experiences.

Rolando Fonseca, PORTUGAL

Been on a woodcock hunting with them. Very good experience. A+++

Valente Zangari, ITALY