Hunting Ground “Vitoshko-Studena”

Hunting ground “Vitoshko-Studena” is situated on the southwest slopes of Vitosha mountain. Less than an hour is needed to travel the distance between Sofia airport and the hunting lodge.

The total hunting ground covers around 19 000 ha. The terrain is mountainous, mostly covered by deciduous forests. The average elevation is 1 350 m above sea level.

Diverse vegetation and favorable climate in “Vitoshko-Studena” are prerequisites for the exceptional animal diversity. Red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, brown bear, roe deer and predatory animals (wild cat, jackal, fox) are the main game species successfully hunted in the region.

The hunting lodge in “Vitoshko-Studena” is very spacious and luxurious and offers high-level service and catering.

Among the side activities in “Vitoshko-Studena” are horse riding and hiking, sport fishing, boat trip in “Studena” dam, photosafari. Nearby are Rila and Zemen monasteries which can also be visited.