Hunting Ground “Trakiya”

Hunting ground “Trakiya” is situated at 22 km from the city of Plovdiv near Trakia highway and at 150 km from Sofia airport. The terrain is flat and the altitude varies from 150 to 170 m above sea level.

Traditionally, the station manages mostly small game. Most of the year the average temperature is above 10 degrees, ensuring a favorable environment for small game like pheasants, partridges, wood pigeons, quails, turtle doves, roe deers and hares. The average weight of roe deer trophies are about 350 gr., and the record for the station is 570 gr. Around 150 hares and 20 roe bucks are shot every year. Dove hunting in August is also very attractive at “Trakiya”.

Chekeritsa has two hunting lodges offering appartments and double rooms, all with private WC and shower. Available for the hunters is also a lagre dining room wih fireplace and a resting spot. Various national dishes are offered at the guests.

On the territory of “Trakiya” there is also a horse base, providing opportunities for alternative tourism.