Hunting Ground “Tervel”

Hunting ground “Tervel” manages 14 801 ha of forests located in the middle part of the Dobrudzha plateau, about 500 km away from Sofia Airport and 100 km from Varna Airport. The terrain is plain-hilly with deep dry gullies. The lowest point is near Suha Reka river – 80 m above sea level, and the highest point is at “Kyostata” area – 250 m.

The main big game species here are red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon, as well as small game like hare, pheasant and partridge. The most widely spread predators are jackal, fox, wildcat. Some of the best trophies harvester in “Tervel” are red deer – 11,750 kg (224.73 CIC pts), fallow deer – 4.775 kg (197.18 CIC pts) and roe deer – 470 gr (117.35 CIC pts).

The new hunting lodge is situated near the village Valchi dol and has 7 rooms, a living room with fireplace and a pool for the summer months. There is a lake nearby, where the guests can have rest and go fishing.
There is also an opportunity for horse riding and other side avtivities.