Hunting Ground “Russalka”

On the northern slopes of the Central Stara Planina mountain, under its highest peak – Botev, is situated the hunting ground “Russalka”. It is 200 km away from Sofia. Century-old beech forests dominate on its 13 000 ha of heavily rugged terrain.

Virgin nature has preserved the natural habitat of brown bear, red deer, wild boar and roe deer in “Russalka”. Brown bear trophies here range between 350 and 450 CIC pts, and red deer antlers can weight between 7 and 9 kg. As to wild boars, their tusks can reach up to 18-23 cm, and roe deer trophy weight is usually around 300 to 400 g.
The best trophies that have been harvested so far in “Russalka” are: brown bear – 475 CIC pts, red deer – 12 kg, roe deer – 420 gr and wild boar – 25 cm.

“Russalka” has a luxurious hunting lodge with 3 apartments and 4 double rooms, dining hall and tavern. Each room is equipped with private shower and WC.

“Russalka” also organizes excursions to the high-mountain chalets Pleven, Ambaritsa, Tuja and Botev peak. It also offers visits to natural landmarks and historical sites. Horse riding and photo tourism are also available.