Hunting Ground “Rossitsa”

Hunting ground “Rossitsa” is situated on the northern slopes of Central Stara Planina mountain in Lagat area, about 220 km away from the capital Sofia.

The hunting area of “Rositsa” is 25 000 ha, of which 97% are covered with deciduous forests. The mountainous terrain prevails on the territory, most of the forests being at an altitude of 500 to 800 m. The lowest point is 250 m above sea level and the highest point is 1430 m.

Hunting ground “Rossitsa” offers classic hunting of red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer and wolf. Good natural conditions favor the development of a strong population of red deer with excellent trophy qualities. The average weight of the trophies in the area is 8-10 kg, and every year animals between 10 and 11 kg are being by our guests.
Allowed for individual hunting all year round, the wild boar is an extremely emotional game species, offering a valuable trophy. Tusks lenght ranges between 20 and 22 cm. and can reach up to 25 cm.
Extremely popular are also the roe deer hunts, usually within trophies with a net weight of 300-400 grams.

Hunting ground “Rossitsa” has a hunting lodge which has been recently renovated. It offers 9 rooms for the guests with all amenities. The service and the kitchen are on point.

Hunting ground “Rossitsa” also offers horseback riding, photo and ecotourism. Towns, rich in history and interesting tourist sites, are located nearby: Gabrovo, Veliko Tarnovo, Lovech, “Troyanski” and “Dryanovski” Monasteries.