Hunting Ground “Ropotamo”

Hunting ground “Ropotamo” is located at 45 km south of Bourgas, which is also the nearest airport. It is named after Ropotamo river which splits the hunting ground into two equal parts. The “Ropotamo” territory is around 20 000 ha.

The region is characterized by a low hilly terrain. The highest point is 315 m above the sea level. The immediate proximity to Black Sea determins the mild and humid climate with relatively warm winters and average temperatures rarely falling below 0C degrees.

Red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and, to a lesser extent, roe deer and mouflon are the main game species in the region. Something typical for the local red deer population is the large body weight of the animals. They can reach up to 350 kg. The antlers are dark and massive, covered with numerous pearls. A record for “Ropotamo” is a red deer trophy with 250 CIC pts, weighing 14 kg. The fallow deer trophies can reach up to 4.7 kg and the national record shot here has a score of 212 CIC pts. One of the most attractive hunting species here is the wild boar, which weight here can reach up to 250-300 kg. Predator species include wolf, fox and jackal. During winter months, guest hunters can hunt for woodcock, wild ducks and geese.

“Ropotamo” provides a hunting lodge in “Arkutino” area and a lodge at the seashore in the town of Primorsko.

In addition to hunting, “Ropotamo” offers its guests ecotourism and photo safari to Ropotamo river outflow and in the protected areas with typical dense forests, as well as fresh- and saltwater fishing.