Hunting Ground “Palamara”

In Northeastern Bulgaria, only 130 km away from Varna airport and 430 km from Sofia Airport, is situated hunting ground “Palamara” – one of the oldest and rich in traditions hunting grounds in the country.
It was found back in 1932 by the Tsar of that time Boris III.

The area manager by “Palamara” covers 35 409 ha. “Palamara” is a hilly plain with flat-to-rolling terrains and the average altitude does not exceed 350 m. Moste of the area is covered with broad-leaved forests (oak and beech predominant), dotted with numerous game fields. Thanks to the abundance of food and the professional game management a great number of big game inhabits this relatively small area.

Every year, hunters come to “Palamara” and harvest great trophies of red deer (8-12 kg), wild boar (14-25 cm) and roe deer (250-450 gr). Selective hunts for red deer (stags, hinds, fawns) are also successfully held. “Palamara” also organizes driven hunts for wild boar and the predatory animals hunts (wildcat, jackal, fox).

Some of the finest trophies shot in “Palamara” during the recent seasons are red deer – 12,650 kg, (229.19 CIC pts) and red deer – 12,030 kg, (235.78 CIC pts).

Available to our guests are 3 hunting lodges – “Palamara” (5 apartments, 2 double rooms and 4 single rooms); “Dabrava” (1 apartment, 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms); “Nikola Kozlevo” (3 double rooms and 2 single rooms). Each room in the 3 hunting lodges has a private bathroom and WC.

The “Palamara” can also organize visits to tourist sites near Shumen, Madara, Veliki Preslav and Pliska. Guests can enjoy local delicacies, excellent white and red wines.