Hunting Ground “Osogovo”

Hunting ground “Osogovo” is named after Osogovo mountain. The area is only 90 km away from the capital Sofia and the nearest airport.

It covers an area of 16 812 ha. The terrain is rugged with high differences in altitude – from 2251 m at Ruen peak to 590 m at the lowest point in the city of Kyustendil. The climate is typically mountainous.

The forests here consists mainly of beech and white pines. Tha area is inhabited by wild boar, roe deer, hare, wolf, wild cat, golden jackal.

On the territory of “Osogovo” our guests can hunt for wild boar, roe deer, wolf, fox, wild cat, pheasant, partridge and quail. Roe deer trophies can weight up to 350 gr, and wild boar trophies – from 18 to 22 cm.

Attractive shelters, resting and camping areas are built in maximum harmony with the natural environment. Guests are welcomed at hunting lodge “Bor” in full comfort, with delicious cuisine, wines and other specialties.

“Osogovo” offers its guests also opportunities for rural, equestrian and ecotourism. For those interested in history, religion, art and culture, visits to Rila, Ruen and Zemen monasteries can be offered.