Hunting Ground “Kormisosh”

With a total area of ​​41 930 ha, hunting ground “Kormisosh” is only 50 km away from Plovdiv Airport and 210 km from Sofia Airport.

It it part ot Western Rhodope mountain. The terrain is typically mountainous, heavily rugged, with great differences in altitude. The highest point is Prespa peak – 2001 m, and the lowest is Slivov dol on Chepelare river bank – 380 m.

The variety of game here is represented by: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar, mouflon, chamois, capercaillie and brown bear, which makes the area one of the most attractive and desirable hunting destinations in Bulgaria. For your information, the world record for wild boar trophy, which won 158.20 CIC pts, was harvested in “Kormisosh”. Predator hunting also has high success rate. Here you can hunt for wolf, wild cat, fox and jackal.

“Kormisosh” has 3 hunting lodges with a total of 15 rooms. Each room is equipped with its own WC and shower. There are also 12 hunting huts and cantons scattered all over the area, which are used as starting points for hunting and security.

As side activities, the “Kormisosh”offers fishing, equestrian and ecotourism, photo trips as well as excursions to historical places, natural landmarks and reserves.