Hunting Ground “Karakuz”

Hunting ground “Karakuz” is situated at 450 km from Sofia Airport, and 130 km from Varna airport. Its hunting area covers 19 388 ha in the hilly South Dobrudja and the northern slopes of low mountain massif.

For the most part, the territory consists of a vast, low-lying plain with a slight north slope. Forests form separate complexes and arrays separated by cultivated land. The dominant tree species in the area are oak and lime.

The most significant representatives of game species are: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, jackal, fox, wild cat, geese, ducks, pheasants, pigeons and quail. Trophies of red deer, roe deer and wild cat harvested in “Karakuz” have brought national and world records to Bulgaria. The world record of red deer, evaluated at 273.6 pts, was harvested in 1988 in this hunting area.

There are some very good accommodation bases in the area: 2 hunting lodges and a small family hotel. They offer perfect conditions for relaxation, excellent cuisine, selected wines and other beverages.

Along with hunting adventures, culinary specialties and excellent beverages, our guests can also visit nature sites such as Srebarna Biosphere Reserve, included in the UNESCO list and the protected area near the village of Malak Preslavets.
Excursions to historical sites such as Dorostol Fortress, Kaleto in Isperih region and the Ethnographic Museum in the city are also available.