Hunting Ground “Dunav”

Hunting ground “Dunav” is situated at the eastern part of Danube river plain. The terrain is hilly-plain and the altitude varies from 344 m to 15 m above sea level. “Dunav” is located at 327 km from Sofia Airport and 200 km from Burgas Airport.The nearest airport is in Varna.

The main game species that inhabit the area are: red deer, roe deer, wild boar, hare, pheasant, partridge, wolf, jackal and fox. The favorable climate and the rich nutritional base contribute to the formation of high quality trophies and stable big game populations. Some of the best trophies harvested here are those of red deer (13,5 kg and 250 CIC pts), roe deer (505 gr) and a wild boar (220 CIC pts).

In hunting ground “Dunav” there are 2 hunting lodges which can accommodate up to 20 hunters. They offer a perfect level of confort and excellent service. The hunting lodge in the locality “Teketo” is only 15 km from the city of Rousse, and the one in Batakliata area is at 36 km from the city.

In the hunting lodges, the lovers of culinary art can enjoy fish and game delicacies, and taste Bulgarian red and white wines. Our more curious guests can visit the cultural and historical landmarks in the town of Russe, the Rusenski Lom Natural Park, the medieval fortress “Cherven”, the rock monasteries near Ivanovo, declares as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve.