Hunting Ground “Cherni Lom”

Hunting ground “Cherni Lom” is a synonym of elite hunting in Bulgaria. This is one of the places where the customer can be confident that the hunting trip will bring him the so-much-desired trophy.

Hunting ground “Cherni Lom” is situated in the hilly north-eastern part of Bulgaria, 300 km away from Sofia airport and 200 km from Varna airport. Its total area is 130 000 ha, of which over 26 000 ha are forests.

The unique combination of well maintained natural habitat and skillful game management, creates perfect conditions for red deer, roe deer, wild boar, fallow deer and mouflon hunting. All game species are with excellent trophy qualities. Traditionally, every year elite trophies are harvested by our customers, and more than half are gold medals. Among the records of “Cherni lom” is a red deer, weighing 17,340 kg. Along with other game species, the hunting of predators – fox, jackal and wild cat is also very successful. One of the best hunts in “Cherni Lom” is the wolf hunting.

The 3 hunting lodges – “Elenovo”, “Goliamo Gradishte” and “Slavianovo”, situated in the heart of “Cherni lom”, are very large and luxurious and provide coziness and first class service to our guests.