Brown Bear

Hunting season: March 1 – April 30; September 1 – December 31

Brown bear is a deadly predator but due to the fact that it is still in limited quantities in Bulgaria, brown bear hunting is quota-based, allowing bears to be shot, only when there is a proven damage to forest ecosystems and agriculture in the area. That’s the reason why hunting stations tend to sell big trophies only – around 400 CIC pts and over. Fur, head, paws and skull are considered as trophies. Bear hunting is exciting but can be extremely dangerous.

Scientific Name: Ursus arctos arctos

Habitat: Today only in dense, mixed woodland in mountains, due to persecution.

Description: Very large animal weighing up to 300 kg, measuring around 100 cm over the shoulder, (some subspecies of the Brown Bear, occuring outside Europe, reach a far greater weight and size). Pelage pale fawn to dark brown with very long hair, especially the winter coat being very thick.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution in Bulgaria.