Hunting Ground “Zhenda”

Hunting ground “Zhenda” is named after the Rhodopean village Zhenda. The station is situated at 259 km from the Sofia Airport and less than 100 km from Plovdiv Airport.
Its total area is 16 118 ha, the terrain is low mountainous, crossed by numerous gullies. The ridges are smooth, the slopes are very steep and rocky. The altitude in the region varies from 400 to 1100 m.

Red deer, deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar are the main game representatives in “Zhenda”. The population of the mouflon is particulary strong here. Driven hunts are also very well organized, and the success rate is high.

Two hunting lodges have been built on the territory of “Zhenda” and both offer excellent service. Each room has a private WC and shower.

During their spare time, our guest can visits Jenda Reserve, natural landmarks and the remains of the ancient Thracian fortress “Perperikon”.