Hunting Ground “Sherba”

Hunting ground “Sherba” was established back in 1934 and is one of the first in the Bulgaria. It is located on the northern slopes of Eastern Stara Planina mountain with an area of ​​13 500 ha. It is at 75 km from Varna which is the nearest airport. The terrain is mountainous and the landscape is dominated by deciduous vegetation.

The main game species on the territory are: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild boar and mouflon. “Sherba” offers hunting for red deer over 9 kg, mouflon over 70 cm and wild boar – over 18 cm. Woodcock and pheasant are also successfully hunted in the area. Among the predatory animals are jackal, fox and wild cat. Some of the gold medal trophies harvested in “Sherba” are: red deer – 239.77 CIC pts, wild boar – 141.15 CIC pts and mouflon – 217.00 CIC pts.

“Sherba” has 2 hunting loges. The bigger one has 2 apartments and 4 double rooms with private bathrooms. The smaller one offers 3 double rooms with private bathrooms.

“Sherba” also offers ecotourism, photosafari, sport fishing, hiking and sightseeing.