Hunting Ground “Iskar”

Hunting ground “Iskar” is at less than an hour drive from Sofia airport. It has an area of 4 700 ha and occupies the entire right corner of Bulgaria’s largest artificial lake – Iskar Dam.

The terrain is hilly, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests, pastures and meadows. The lowest point is 770 meters above sea level and the highest is 1150 meters above sea level. The climate is humid continental with cold winter and cool summer.

“Iskar ” offers a great game diversity. Its territory is inhabited by red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon, roe deer. Guest hunters can also try their luck on wolf, jackal, fox, wild cat and golden jackal hunt.

The reserve welcomes and accommodates guests in two charming houses – the Sunny and the Wooden the so-called Riding House, with a total capacity of 8 rooms.

The Sunny house is completely renovated in a contemporary style and offers a self-contained apartment and three rooms. On the ground floor there is a spacious and sunny dining room with an incredible 360 degree panoramic view, where there is an open fireplace that contributes to even more cozy and warm evenings.

The Wooden house is nestled between the trees a few meters from the Sunny one. It was built specifically to accommodate riders in 1995, so it is also called the Riders’ House. It is furnished in western style and made entirely of wood. It has four rooms – two double and two apartments with all modern conveniences.

For your good time and rest, the houses are equipped with all amenities – sauna, Internet, fireplace, room service, satellite, mini-bar.