Hunting Ground “Chepino”

Hunting ground “Chepino” is located in “Chehlyovo” area – Western Rhodopes, at 25 km from the balneological and wellness resort of Velingrad and 130 km from Sofia. It occupies an area of ​​34,481 ha on a typical mountainous terrain, with an altitude between 800 and 2200 m. The forest vegetation is mostly coniferous: black and white pine, fir, spruce, beech, aspen. Good natural conditions and modern facilities create great opportunities for hunting in “Chepino”. The main game species are red deer, roe deer, capercaillie, chamois and wild boar. The best trophies gained in the area are: red deer with trophy weight of 11.1 kg, wild boar with tusks length of 24.5 cm and chamois with 110 CIC pts. “Chepino” area is perfect for combo hunts when our guests want to harvest a trophy of more than one species. “Chepino” has an excellent accommodation base in Kara Tepe with bungalows which offer all the neccessery confort to our guests – living room and 4 rooms, each with separate WC and shower.