Hunting Ground “Balchik”

Hunting ground “Balchik” is located in the southeastern part of Dobrudja, about 480 km from Sofia and only 45 km from Varna. To the north, the area borders with the Republic of Romania, and to the east it reaches the Black Sea coast. Its total territory is 15 913 ha, and the big game hunting takes place over an area of ​​7495 ha.

The average altitude in the area is 150 m and the average annual temperature ranges from 10 ° C to 12 ° C. The climate is characterized by mild and damp winter and hot but relatively dry and sunny summer. The annual rainfall ranges from 480 to 580 mm, indicating that the area is one of the driest in the Bulgaria. The average number of days with a snow cover is 70.

Hunting ground “Balchik” has a varied landscape as the relief of the land changes – flat in the southeastern part of the Dobrudja plateau and hilly in the Batovska valley.

The hunting lodge is located in the central part of the hunting area. There are 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a spacious dining room and a kitchen.

The main game species that inhabit the area are: red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, mouflon, roe deer. The heaviest red deer trophy – 19,100 kg, was harvested in the region of “Balchik”. Some of the finest trophies gained in “Balchik” are mouflons with horns length of 82-84 cm and wild boars with tusks lenght of 24-26 cm. The best roe deer trophy has been evaluated at 148.3 pts.

During the last years “Balchik” specializes in small game hunting. Very successful is the hunting of pheasants, ducks, wild geese, woodcocks, turtle doves and quail. Here you can experience some of the best walked up hunts of feathered game.

Close to the hunting area are Albena resort and Baltata Reserve – 15 km, Golden Sands resort – 30 km. This allows the organization of rich programs during the hunters’ spare time – water sports, fishing, visits to historical landmarks, walk through the eco-trail in Baltata Reserve and others. For hunters and their loved ones there are folklore and ethno programs, tasting of wines and other drinks as well as local delicacies.