Wild Boar

National and world record – 158,20 CIC / 1986 Kormisosh

Hunting season:
– Individual hunt: all year
– Drivent hunt: October 1 – Last day of January

Wild boar is the most hunted big game species in Bulgaria. It is the only species, along with predators, which is also allowed for group hunting (all other types of big game are hunted individually/selectively). Wild boar hunting offers valuable trophies. The world record for wild boar was shot in Bulgaria – 158.2 CIC pts. Bulgarian is also the third trophy in the world ranking. Trophy specimens with tusks lenght from 20 to 25 cm are available for shooting. The wild boar has delicious meat that needs to be tested in laboratory before eating.

Scientific Name: Sus Scrofa

Habitat: Woodland with dense undergrowth, often in the vicinity of pasture land.

Description: Large animal with a very compact body and rather short legs. General colour dark brown with some grey hairs in older individuals. Bristles along the back and the flanks.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait, driven hunt.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution in Bulgaria.