National record – 222,45 CIC / 1979, Voden

Hunting season:
– Males: all year
– Females: September 1 – January 31

Not pretentious to food and easy to breed, the mouflon has been successfully introduced in Bulgaria. A mouflon population in Bulgaria is maintained in many hunting grounds in Bulgaria, mainly in the Rhodope Mountains. Hunters can witness the fights between old rams during the rutting period. Bulgaria is second in world rankings for a muflon trophy – 240.5 CIC pts. Our guest hunters can bag a mouflon with horn length of 70-95 cm

Scientific Name: Ovis musimon

Habitat: Prefers undulating forested areas.

Description: Middle sized animal of the sheep family weighing up to 60 kg. (rams), and measuring around 80 cm over the shoulder. General colour dark brown on the back and along the flanks. A black band is bordering the undersides that are pure white. Older rams have got a “saddle” of white starting on the middle of the back and spreading down the sides. The horns are very different from region to region. Mature male horns are curled almost on full revolution. In some areas however, the horns curve outwards and start twisting anew. There are also groups of individuals where the horns curve inwards, sometimes so much as to grow into the neck of the animal and thereby killing it. Only the rams have horns.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution in Bulgaria.