Hunting season:
– Males: December 1 – January 15; April 10 – May 10
– Females: September 15 – October 31

The chamois is found in the high mountains (Rhodope and Stara planina) in Bulgaria, typically between 800 and 2500 m above sea level. Chamois is one of the few truly European wild mammals. Their bodyweight is not huge but the horns are with very good qualities. Compared to other Balkan subspecies, the Bulgarian trophies are thinner. However you can expect a good trophy between 90 and 105 CIC pts.

Scientific Name: Rupicapra rupicapra

Habitat: Rocky, precipitous mountains.

Description: Middle sized animal of the goat family with a compact body and long, strong legs. The Chamois weighs around 50 kg, and measures up to 70 cm over the shoulder. General colour yellowish brown in summer and dark brown to almost black in winter. In older individuals the colour in winter may be greyish black. The Chamois has characteristic white markings on the head. The horns are fairly long, upright and bend back in shape of hook with distinct knobs throughout their length. Both sexes have horns but the male Chamois carries the biggest.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution in Bulgaria.