Hunting season:
Males: April 15 – May 15

Capercaillie hunting is one of the most interesting and emotional kinds of hunting. Only male capercails are allowed for hunting. The biggest population is in the Rhodope Mountains. Capercaillie hunting is relatively more expensive in Bulgaria compared to Russia or Scandinavian countries. However, if you wish to spend your nights in a lovely huntng lodge in Bulgaria instead of a cold tent in Russia, you are making the right choice by picking this kind of hunt in Bulgaria. Here Capercaillie hunting is almost 100% successful.

Scientific Name: Tetrao urgellus

Habitat: Mature mixed coniferous forest with an relatively open canopy.

Description: Large member of the grouse family. The males and females can be easily distinguished by their size and colouration. Males black with brown back and wings. Large head with ragged “beard”. Red wattle above the eye. Typically 74 -85cm in length and around 4 to 5 kg in weight. The hens are much smaller, 54 – 64 cm in length and 1.5 – 2.5 kg in weight. Barred brown plumage with some white and a distinctive orange breast.

Hunting method: Stalking.

Hunting available in: All area of distribution in Bulgaria.